2017 GCSE Results

St Ursula's GCSE Results 2017

St. Ursula’s Convent School are absolutely delighted to announce our 2017 GCSE results. In a year of widespread change to the educational curriculum, we achieved the following:


·         40% of all grades were grade ‘A’ / ‘7’ or higher

·         88% of students achieved a good pass (grade ‘4’ or higher) in English and Maths

·         68% of students achieved a strong pass (grade ‘5’ or higher) in English and Maths

·         61% of students achieved a good pass in the English Baccalaureate


This included the following outstanding student achievement:

·         Marie-Jo Beaubrun (two grade ‘9’, one grade ‘8’, seven grade  ‘A*’,  one grade ‘A’)

·         Margherita Volpato (two grade ‘9’, one grade ‘8’, seven grade ‘A*’ , two grade ‘A’)

·         Marta Bax (one grade ‘9’, two grade ‘8’, eight grade ‘A*’, one grade ‘A’)

·         Andrea Dalisay (one grade ‘9’, two grade ‘8’, five grade ‘A*’, two grade ‘A’)

·         Phillis Alapatt (two grade ‘9’, one grade ‘8’, three grade ‘A*’, three grade ‘A’, one grade ‘B’)


While we are proud of our top achieving students, our outstanding results are a mark of the dedication and fortitude shown by all our students and staff over the past five years.  Headteacher Catrina Hamilton said that ‘These results are a testament to the hard work of every student and every member of staff. Together, they have helped drive us to excellence.’


In all, receiving an Ursuline education has helped our girls to achieve great grades at GCSE, of which they and we are rightly proud. However, it has also instilled in them the ethos of Serviam, which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. We look forward to hearing about our girls’ next steps – we know they will be extraordinary.