Religious Education

Staffing of the department

Ms Cushnahan – Acting Head of Department
Mr Hyam – RE Teacher
Mrs Durrant – Deputy Head
Fr Fernando- Senior Assistant Head
Mr Green – Assistant Head

Educational philosophy/Aims of the curriculum

At St Ursula’s Religious Education is “the core of the curriculum". As a Catholic School it is our mission to educate the whole person since "Religious Education” is concerned not only with intellectual knowledge but also includes emotional and affective learning. Through RE lessons students come to a deeper knowledge, understanding and love of the Word of God as revealed in Scriptures and the teaching of the Church.

The Department aims to ensure all students are extended and challenged to learn about, and learn from, Catholic Christianity through lively and thorough analysis of Christian lifestyle and behaviour. Students are given the opportunity to reflect on their own lives, beliefs and key moral dilemmas in society.  Without religious education, pupils would be deprived of an essential element of their formation and personal development, which helps them attain a vital harmony between faith and culture."

Our aim is to support our students to be religiously literate young people able to engage in a modern multi-cultural society where issues of religious understanding and tolerance are more important than ever.

KS3 curriculum

As a Catholic School, RE is compulsory for all students. We currently follow a tailor made curriculum at KS3 to best meet the needs of our students and the requirements laid down by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

KS3 Programme of study

At Key Stage 3, the school has produced a programme based on and meeting the requirements of the Curriculum Directory.

Year 7 focuses on Identity:

  • Autumn Term covers Personal identity and our School identity
  • Spring Term covers Life in the time of Jesus including Jesus’ identity as a Jew
  • Summer Term covers The identity of Jesus; Jesus’ miracles and parables.


Year 8 focuses on the Foundations and Growth of Christianity:

  • Autumn Term covers The Birth of the Church including key events such as Pentecost and key figures such as St Paul
  • Spring Term covers The Ethical Foundations of the Church including Christianity separating from Judaism and the 10 commandments
  • Summer Term covers Christianity in Britain including St Augustine’s missionary journey, martyrs and saints of the British Isles, the reformation and Christian denominations in Britain.


Year 9 focuses on World Religions and the Philosophy of Religion

  • Autumn Term covers Islam including the founder of Islam and
  • Spring Term covers the Philosophy of Religion including exploring the nature and existence of God.


Summer Term: Students start their KS4 curriculum

Links to useful sites for KS3 students, parents and members of the public

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