School Meals

School meals at St Ursulas Convent School are provided in partnership with our external provider Wilson Jones. Wilson Jones this year was a finalist in the prestigious Educatering Awards as "Best contract caterer of the year".

Wilson Jones commitment is to healthy eating in schools. This means all its menus are analysed to meet statutory requirements for nutrition and health.

  • All the milk we use is either semi or fully skimmed.
  • Where possible we bake or grill rather than fry
  • We do not use salt in our cooking
  • We always use polyunsaturated spreads
  • We always offer a sweetener alternative to sugar
  • Fresh whole fruit or fruit salad is available daily
  • We do not use convenience sauces & mixes, which are laden with sugars & additives

Wilson Jones publishes an overview of dishes served and any issues regarding allergies they may raise. This is clearly displayed in the Dining Hall at all times for students – (Please see 'Allergy Information' in the sidebar).

St Ursula’s operate a cashless card system for meal payment. This is further supported by our online payment system.
Please click on the link below.

Any top ups done on Tucasi (SCO) after 30/11/17 will not transfer onto ParentPay. If you could top up Parentpay with new credit and request refund from Wilson Jones by forwarding the emailed receipt for the top up to email:

Benefits of using parentpay include:

  • A simple to use web interface
  • An ability to view payment history
  • A reduce risk of pupils losing cash