Catch Up

Catch up Premium. The usage of the Catch up funding is outlined below.

The main desired outcomes are to support the numeracy and literacy skills of students across both key stages, improve the quality and effectiveness of our remote learning and blended learning provision for students, better support SEN students in accessing the curriculum and removing learning barriers. All of this is focussed around identifying areas of weakness and providing tailored intervention to address those issues.

The implementation of this is consistently monitored and the impact reviewed to ensure the maximum possible progress of students is achieved, whilst also supporting their holistic development within the Catholic ethos of the school.

Catch Up Strategy

COVID-19 Catch Up Premium 2020-2021

Please click here to access details regarding the COVID-19 Catch Up Premium.

Year 7 Catch Up Statement 2019-2020

Please click here to access our Year 7 Catch Up Statement 2019-2020