Arrangements for Home Learning – 15th December to 17th December 2021

Posted on 15th December, 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

UPDATED Important Information for Parents and Carers – 


Further to my communication yesterday I am writing once again to update you on the current situation at St Ursula’s. We continue to face serious challenges and consequences from COVID-19 in our community. 

Unfortunately today we have been affected by further confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more staff have been required to self-isolate. 

We have strived to keep the school as fully open as possible, for as long as possible, however in light of the further reduction in staff capacity, our risk assessment today and discussions with the Borough we need to extend virtual learning to more year groups.

On Thursday 16th December Years 10, 9 and 8 will be taught virtually.

On Friday 17th December ALL year groups will be taught virtually.

Year group16th December17th December
7In school as normalVirtual learning
8Virtual learningVirtual learning
9Virtual learningVirtual learning
10Virtual learningVirtual learning
11In school as normalVirtual learning

Please be aware this is our intention at present, if multiple unexpected staff absence occurs tomorrow the plans may need to change for the year groups expected in school. We will contact those concerned as soon as possible in the morning if there are any changes to our plans.

Work will be set on google classroom and will be a combination of live, recorded and independent work. 

Please let us know as soon as possible if your child does not have access to a laptop, tablet, phone or computer. 

All students who are being taught virtually should remain at home during school hours and complete their home learning. Students should not be out in the community during school hours.

We understand this is a disappointing end to the Autumn Term, and this decision is taken as a last resort under extremely difficult circumstances. 

Please reassure your children that we will be running Secret Santa in Forms in the New Year when we return.  Please ensure your child logs on for Form Time at 8:40am and completes all the work set for them.  

We will share further details via google classroom about the virtual plans for the last day of term and the link to our live streamed Christmas Mass on Friday.

Thank you for your continued support and may I take this opportunity to wish you a safe, peaceful and restful Christmas.

Yours faithfully,

Ms N Johnson

Deputy Headteacher