Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-2018

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Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-2017

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Pupil Premium Expenditure and Impact 2015-2016

The Budget allocation for 2015-2016 as per budget plan:


 -£14,960.00 (adjustment)

= £170,230.00

School Data

Number of students on roll (11-16)                620

Number of students eligible for PPG              175

Summary of the number of pupil premium 

Number on roll130125125115116
Pupil Premium4740362227

Priorities for expenditure

  • Literacy and numeracy support – TA support sessions, Software.
  • Instrumental lessons to aid the development of participation in extracurricular activities and further enhance the opportunities offered.
  • Enhance access to the curriculum, examination specification, progress, attainment with support specifically tailored to the needs of the students through 1:1 support, LSC support in small groups, Saturday school, holiday revision.
  • Activities available for students other than those specifically linked to assessments but develop the whole child for example Retreats/Trips.
  • Resources that aid success in relation to exams, for example revision conferences (PIXL)
  • Trips, lectures (Hitler on Trial).
  • Uniform.

Financial allocation

Curriculum Support

  • Saturday learning and school holiday revision sessions for Year 11 and Year 10 were held. Teachers were paid for these sessions – £4,591
  • Extra mock exams were held for English, Maths and Science requiring additional resources and invigilation.
  • Study skills in both years 10 & 11 by Maximize and Learning Performance. £ 3,645
  • Homework Club (additional support for identified pupils) across all year groups. £17,800
  • Early intervention classes £6,000

Literacy  – £19,293

A number of strategies have been put in place to target those students who are not making the national benchmark. These include:

  • Lexia literacy programme
  • After school literacy
  • Bedrock Learning
  • Small withdrawal groups to enhance reading skills.
  • Specialist staff to deliver the support
  • Blue Duck Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy – two co-ordinators appointed to lead and work on resources and targeting students in need of support.  £5,226

SISRA and 4 Matrix

Tracking software system in place to effectively track and monitor students as part of the CTG agenda.  £5,558

Careers advice and guidance £9,000

Inspire an external provider has delivered career guidance, Prospects books have been purchased to deliver Careers guidance from Yr. 7 – Yr.11. Some aspects of CIAG include attendance at local careers fayre and also software purchased to deliver elements during Enrichment Days e.g. Fast Tomato.

Enabling Enterprise – £5,800

Enterprise programme bought in order for students to have a broader knowledge of business and enterprise. Each year group benefitted from a range of workshops delivered throughout the Enrichment Day programme.  Students with low aspirations also attended Mosaic workshops.

Gifted and Talented – £3250

Our co-ordinator ensures that the needs of our students are met. This is fulfilled in a number of ways: liaising with departments to ensure the curriculum is challenging, monitoring the progress of targeted students, working with the learning managers and the Deputy Head overseeing this area to ensure students meet their targets.

Debating club has been set up and staff trained in the leading of debating.

Additional  expenditure

  • PIXL membership – £5,043
  • Behaviour Support and Inclusion services -£16,000
  • Travel costs for students to venues – Choir, Sports, – £1,170
  • Music Assisted lessons – £500
  • Uniform – £200
  • Anne Frank Ambassadors and Exhibition – £ 500
  • Enrichment Day activities – £ 6,300
  • Staffing resources providing extra homework clubs and LSC provision to aid inclusive practice targeting DA pupils. £90,000
  • Total expenditure = £194,000 – PPG £170,230 = £23,770


Keystage 3


  • Improved parental engagement

Bringing possible disengaged parents back into links with the school to engage them more in their daughter’s education and progress as well as helping to raise attainment. 

  • Monitoring attendance and behaviour.

Monitoring SIMS on a regular basis with their form tutors sharing information with parents and SLT.

  • Improve use of student data.

Closely follow student progress across the school, checking the impact of interventions.

  • Improved behaviour

In relation to comments in journals and on behaviour log pupils below had compulsory attendance at homework club.  These pupil remained at homework club for the remainder of the year.

Behaviour Comments Sept to DecBehaviour Comments Sept to DecPercentage Decrease of
Student A10820% Decrease
Student B6266% Decrease
Student C15660% Decrease
Student D15847% Decrease
Student E24292% Decrease
Student F21957% Decrease
Student G291162% Decrease
Student H13931% Decrease
Student I112082% Increase