Serviam & the UEC

Serviam & the UEC

As an Ursuline School we are part of a global network of schools with an Ursuline tradition and charism.

For more information about the Ursuline Education Community please follow this link: Ursuline Education Community

Ursuline Core Values

As Ursulines we continue the approach to ministry which draws its life and vision from St Angela’s spirit  and philosophy. Inspired by the call of the same Gospel, and challenged by the needs of our time, we,  like Angela, ground our mission in the following core values:

  • Spiritual formation and faith development 
  • Respect for the uniqueness of the individual
  • Development of the whole person 
  • Development of a nurturing community spirit
  • Commitment to peace-making
  • Serviam (I will serve) as a lived reality 
  • Development of leadership skills for every individual

A hallmark of an Ursuline school is academic excellence and a shared vision and profile. 

Ursuline Education Community

St Ursula’s is a part of a global network of schools with an Ursuline tradition and charism. The Ursuline Education Community was established in 2019 with the main aim to unite all the Ursuline schools in the UK.

The Ursuline Education Community produced an ‘Ursuline Pupil Profile’ that aims to describe the whole process of Ursuline education rather than that of a school leaver.  The virtues are displayed in every classroom and our daily prayer and reflections and assemblies all focus on the virtue of the term. 

Alongside the student profile, we have developed parallel statements which explain what an Ursuline school needs to do to help its students grow in the virtues of the Ursuline Student Profile.

To download the ‘St Ursula’s student profile’ follow the link attached and select download St Ursula’s resource 2020/21

Our Motto is Serviam – to serve

We have many activities planned each term for pupils to fulfil their commitment to Serviam and do good deeds for others. St Ursula’s students know and value our motto ‘Serviam’ and they are encouraged to serve others within our school, local, national and international communities. 

Pupils complete their own ‘Serviam Log’ that records all their acts of Service they have performed throughout the year. Each term there is a ‘Serviam award winner’ in each form class. At the end of the academic year one student will receive the ‘Spirit of St Angela’ award for their outstanding service in the community. 

Some examples include:

  • Creating gifts for the 999 Club in Deptford – pupils prepare a shoe box and fill it with items such as toothpaste, socks, sweets and a Christmas card. Always greatly received each year.
  • Creating Christmas cards for local care homes
  • Much fundraising for Charities around the world
  • Advent appeals – collections for food banks in the local community
  • Sponsored Walk
  • ‘Walk for water’ Lenten Campaign 
  • Art displays for Aid to the Church in need campaign 
  • Carrying on the ‘Legacy of St Angela’ in our Feast day activities that were shared with the Ursulines Sisters in the UK.
  • Ursuline Links 
  • Building relationships with other Ursuline schools around the world