Mission Statement

The school was established in 1877 by the Ursuline Order and continues to have as its inspiration the spirit and traditions of the congregation.

As an Ursuline school, we have been entrusted by St Angela, our foundress, to continue to live out her vision of educating young women of tomorrow.

Our school motto is “Serviam” meaning “I shall serve.” We are a testament to this in that our school community bears witness to God’s love; whereby each individual is encouraged to serve and love one another.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to ensure that every individual achieves their potential through the pursuit of academic excellence and the nurturing of their gifts and talents.
To create a caring Catholic community; allowing everyone to develop and share in the love of Christ; serving the world of today and tomorrow through the relationships we make and the service we provide to others.

Ursuline Core Values

As Ursulines we continue the approach to ministry which draws its life and vision from St Angela’s spirit and philosophy. Inspired by the call of the same Gospel, and challenged by the needs of our time, we, like Angela, ground our mission in the following core values:

  • Spiritual formation and faith development
  • Respect for the uniqueness of the individual
  • Development of the whole person
  • Development of a nurturing community spirit
  • Commitment to peace-making
  • Serviam (I will serve) as a lived reality
  • Development of leadership skills for every individual

Our Ursuline Student Pledge

I hope to be a person

Who will serve
Who will pray
Who will act
Who will be open
Who has courage
Who is enterprising.
I am aware that God is near me at all times
I want to use my talents to make a difference
I want to reach out to those in need
I want to do what is truly right
I want to challenge wrong and fight for justice
I want to serve God, my neighbour and my school
I am an Ursuline,
Today, tomorrow, always

Ursuline School Leaver Profile

By the time they leave an Ursuline School our students will:

  • Be aware of Christ as a centre of their lives.
  • Be willing, in the spirit of SERVIAM, to develop their talents and use them for the good of others, especially the most needy.
  • Be friendly, happy and confident and be able to work with patience and generosity, assured that with God they can do great things.
  • Be focused on Justice and Peace as they keep alive the Gospel values in our world of today.
  • Be able to recognise the uniqueness of each individual by showing respect and love for all.

Be happy to know St Angela and to have shared her values in the context of our Ursuline School