Staffing of the department

Mr Jones – Teacher of Drama

Educational philosophy / Aims of the curriculum

“With theatre, you have to be ready for anything”

William Defoe

At St Ursula’s, we prepare our Drama students for real life as well as theatre. Students have fun learning how to improvise, learn lines, work in teams and perform. From voice projection to improvisation, through to addressing an audience and stretching your imagination, Drama techniques are invaluable as part of a rich and vibrant curriculum.

KS3 Curriculum

Each student has one 50 minute lesson of drama per fortnight, as well as the opportunity to take part in weekly Drama and Debating clubs. In years 7 and 8 and 9, foundations are laid for all students to have an opportunity to explore themes, issues and ideas through a wide range of explorative strategies and drama mediums in different theatrical contexts. Students are encouraged to find answers to problems by looking at all viewpoints and solving them through drama.

KS3 Programme of study

Year 7

After an introduction to general Drama techniques in their first term, students enjoy improvisation classes, nurturing their raw creativity and encouraging them to think on their feet, while taking part in a range of Drama games.

Year 8

Students start to understand how Drama crosses boundaries into other subjects, learning to express themselves through physical theatre: using their bodies to tell a story. They work towards creating a performance, inspired by emotions and put to music, both individually and in groups.

Year 9

Methods of realism are brought to the fore through an introduction to sensationalism, followed by a term on Stanislavski to emphasise the difference between melodramatic and subtle acting. Students work on scripts and build character depth through hot-seating and conscience alley.