Physical Education

St Ursula’s School

Physical Education Curriculum Intent

The aim of the Physical Education curriculum is to inspire students to take part in and enjoy physical activity and sport, developing a range of transferable skills which they can use both in and out of the education setting.  We look to develop a passion for sporting performance, combined with the life skills of leadership, teamwork, communication and self-discipline. All of these skills will be intertwined with performing to the best of one’s ability in the glory of God and keeping the body he blessed us with in a positive and healthy state.  The Bible tells us that God has blessed us with this body, and in order to show our glory to God, we should treat that body with respect and keep it in excellent physical condition. With that in mind, we hold high expectations around physical engagement within all lessons ensuring students are organised with their PE kit for every lesson.  There are a number of topical events within sport that provide opportunities to evaluate students’ moral compass and align it with God. For instance, as developments in equipment and drug use become apparent within professional sport, it is important to discuss these issues with students and have open conversations as to their opinions on them.   Sport and physical exercise has become more popular as seen by access to clubs, gyms and organisations within the social community.  We try to create strong links within the community in order to direct students to opportunities outside of the classroom.  Athletes come from all walks of life and from every country in the world, including athletes with disabilities. Students are taught the value that these athletes can bring to sport and are shown the varying cultures in reference to competitions such as the Olympics and other sporting tournaments. Each year group competes in a ‘Me in Sport’ project that allows them to research their cultural background and make direct links to sports and athletes.

The PE curriculum teaches students performance skills and techniques as well as how to apply skills, techniques and decision-making under pressure during conditioned  practices and competitive situations.  It shows students the contribution that physical activity and sport can make to health, fitness and well-being.  Students learn to analyse and evaluate how to improve performance in physical activity.  Our assessment rubric ‘Me in PE’ has been designed in a way that allows students to reflect on their progress as an individual as we develop students into well rounded members of the community.  The ‘Me in PE’assessment modelis intended to build students’ character and identify where they can improve, this is fundamental to students harnessing their full potential in the glory of God.

Competition against oneself is encouraged as well as competition against others.  Students are taught about age appropriate rules, fairness and respect, through a variety of PE activities.  Students are taught about the need for different roles and different responsibilities, including teamwork and decision making.  Students understand and accept the roles of captain, team players, coaches and volunteers

The PE department respects cultural differences and celebrates these through inclusion of cultural sports into curriculum delivery.  Students are encouraged to learn about the sports and games of other nations and cultures.  Students respect individual differences and are confident to express their opinions and respect others views.

Key Stage 3

PE curriculum unit plans have been devised by working backwards from the key content and skills needed to achieve the highest grade at GCSE. From this it is possible to identify what a pupil needs to be able to do by the end of each year, starting from year 7, in order to reach this end point and achieve the highest grades at GCSE.   At KS3 students will study a wide range of sporting activities such as:

  • Rounders
  • Dance
  • Athletics
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Trampolining
  • Football

Links to curriculum maps:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Extra-curricular activities and enrichment

Extra-curricular opportunities continue to be a strength of the Physical Education department.  The PE department aims to develop school teams in a number of sports that will give students the chance to represent their school and to demonstrate talents they might not necessarily be able to in the classroom.  It is our aim to build teams that are successful in sport across the borough and harness talents that encourage students to join clubs outside of school. Whilst success is important it is also one of our priorities to ensure the department is fully inclusive and gives every child the opportunity to play regardless of their ability.  In this vein the department offers extra-curricular activities for non-team players. Activities now on offer at different times of the year are badminton, table tennis and dodgeball.

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